Parking Lot Cleaning

Hillcrest Park Condominiums

35 E Hillcrest Park

South Hadley, MA 01075



 Date:               April 25, 2016

To:                   Unit Owners and Tenants

Regarding:      Parking Lot Sweeping

From:               Hillcrest Park Condominiums Trustees

Dear Owners and Tenants,

G & H Landscaping will be in the complex Wednesday April 27th, 2016 to sweep the parking lots. The rain date will be Friday April 29th, 2016. They expect to be cleaning the parking lot for most of the morning.

Please remove your cars from the property by 8:30 am so the cleaning can begin on schedule. Cars should remain off the property until all of the clean-up is finished. You should also close your windows facing the parking lots as the cleaning can create a lot of dust.


You can park your vehicles on Lawrence Avenue during this cleaning and then, as soon as the entire complex has been completely cleaned, you can return your vehicle to your parking stalls.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Trustees

Hillcrest Park Condos

Agenda for April 26th Trustee Meeting

Hillcrest Park Condominiums


April 26, 2016

6:30 p.m.

1Acceptance of the minutes of the March 2016 Trustee Meeting.

2. Maintenance

Railings – Additional Information

Granby Tree Service

Cleaning Garden Hallway Carpets

Roof Replacement

3. Office

Lawrence Ave Easement Update

Dog License

Use of Email Notifications

Conservation Meeting April 27th

4. Other Business

Walk Around

5. Review of Accounts

Checking Account    $

Cash Account            $

Capital Reserve         $


February Trustee Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the February Trustee Meeting are posted on the Minutes Page. These minutes are also being sent by

email to all owners who have provided the office with their email address. Printed copies are available

at the office front door in the Flyer Box.


VIP Exterminating will be removing the Terminix bait stations from the exteriors of Building 3 (Units 53-60), Building 7 ( Units 27-30) and Building 8 ( Units 31A – 31D) on Thursday of this week. VIP will then install their own bait stations around those building. When they remove the bait station it will leave approximately a 4′ x 6″ hole in the ground. Flags will be placed in the holes to prevent anyone from tripping and maintenance will be in the same day or Friday to fill the holes with soil.

If you live in one of these three buildings, please be aware of these holes in the ground and be careful if you are walking across the grass.

Thank You,

Hillcrest Park Condos

March 22nd Trustee Meeting

Hillcrest Park Condominiums


March 22, 2016

 1. Acceptance of the minutes of the February 2016 Trustee Meeting.

2. Maintenance

Aqua-matic Lawn Sprinklers Quote

Quote from Metal Man on replacement of railings

Terminix and Minuteman Contracts – VIP Contracts

Sealing new sidewalks

3. Office

Lawrence Ave update

Capital Reserve – suggestion of a 13 month payment

Unregistered vehicles

Janice Stone – Conservation approval of work on dam

4. Other Business

5. Review of Accounts

Checking Account    $

Cash Account            $

Capital Reserve         $


Minutes of the Meeting

The minutes of the December Trustee Meeting and the Owner’s Annual Meeting have been posted on the Minutes Page of the website.

February 22nd Trustee Meeting Agenda

Hillcrest Park Condominium

February 22, 2016

Trustee Meeting Agenda

1. Acceptance of the minutes of the December Trustee Meeting and the 2016 Annual Owners Meeting.

2.  Maintenance

  • G & H Landscaping Contract Renewal
  • Terminix Contracts
  • Aquatic Control Contracts
  • Champion Lawn and Tree Contract
  • Dam Inspection 2016
  • Snow Plowing
  • Vehicle Plate Request
  • Fence for Patio

3. Office

  • Election of Officers
  • Delivery of Acceptance of Trustees to Banks
  • Dog License
  • Jubinville Letter of Coverage
  • Vote on Lox Box

4.Other Business

  • Thank participants of Food Drive

5.Review of Accounts

  • Checking Account
  • Capital Reserve
  • Cash Account


Annual Trustee Meeting

The Annual Trustee Meeting for Hillcrest Park residents will be held at the new Plains School on January 12th starting at 7:00 p.m.

Coyotes in the Complex

A few of our residents have seen coyotes around the complex. One fairly large one was seen on the lawn in back of units 39 – 40. Trustee Gail Chadwick called animal control to ask about the possible capture of this coyote and she was told that there is a pack of 8 or 9 in the woods at the end of Lake View Drive. Animal Control does not plan on relocating these animals as they have not caused any harm up to this point. They are taking the stance of “live let live”. Since many of our residents walk their dogs around the complex, please be aware of the coyotes in the area.

You can help  keep them out of the complex by not putting out any type of food, tossing food scraps into the woods or leaving trash bags out overnight unless they are in a barrel with a lid.

December 14th Trustee Meeting Agenda

Hillcrest Park Condominium

December 15, 2015



1. Acceptance of the minutes of the August Trustee Meeting.

2. Maintenance

Quote for New Sprinkler Company

Fence for Patio

Lock Boxes from South Hadley Fire Dept

  1. Office

Workman’s Comp Refund

Preparations for Annual Meeting

  1. Other Business
  1. Review of Accounts

Checking Account

Capital Reserve

Cash Account