January 19th Food Drive

Thank you to all of the 75 owners/residents of the Hillcrest Park Community who made  generous donations of food, which included canned soups, pasta sauce, canned fruit, laundry detergent and personal care items, to the Annual Martin Luther King Food Drive which supports the South Hadley Food Bank.

Your donations exceeded over 400 pounds. This was a part of the 42,000 pounds which was donated in South Hadley on January 19th.

With much thanks,

Len Finkowski

The South Hadley Food Committee

Annual Meeting Ballot Results

The 2015 Annual Meeting was held on January 6th at the Plains School. Below are the results of the Ballot Questions.

Question 1 – Restrict weight limit on dogs in the complex to less than 30 pounds.

32% voted Yes

16% voted No

Therefore, all dogs coming into the complex must not weigh more than 30 pounds fully grown. All large dogs currently in the complex will be grandfathered in but when that dog needs to be replaced, the new dog cannot weigh more than 30 pounds fully grown. If you are planning to sell your unit, please inform the potential buyers of this new restriction. This addendum to the Rules and Regulations will be filed at the Registry of Deeds in Northampton. Once filed, each owner will be given a copy of this addendum to include in your current copy of Rules and Regulations.

Question 2 – Allow South Hadley Food Pantry to collect food donations on January 19th, 2015.

21% voted Yes

9% voted No

Bags will be placed at your door on January 17th and picked up on January 19th.

If you do not want to be included in the Food Drive, please contact the office at 413-536-5868 and a bag

will not be left at your door.

The chart below is your monthly condo fee for 2015. This reflects the 3% raise in condo fees that will be put into Capital Reserve for the replacement of the roofs. Please remember to change your amount if you use Bill Pay through your checking account to pay your condo fee.

Monthly Fees

Townhouses on the Pond          Units 1-26                          $190.32


Townhouses                                    Units 27-30                       $179.21


Gardens                                             Units 31 – 40                     $161.19


Townhouses                                     Units 41 – 52                      $179.21


Townhouses on the Pond            Units 53 – 60                      $190.32

Lost and Found

A coffee mug was found at the entrance to the complex. It is white with Christmas designs on it. Apparently someone put it on top of their car but forgot it when they started driving. It is in the office if you wish to claim it.

Stolen Property

Please be aware of the people coming around your homes and into the complex. We have had another report of stolen property. A Garden Unit owner came home to find that his mail had been opened, all contents taken and the envelopes left empty in the box. At this time of year, people are sending gift cards and checks. Thieves are looking for just these types of items.

The Post Office will be called because the mail was left in the box above the locked mail box and the  Police will be called as well.

Please call the Police if you see any unusual activity.

Trees in Front of Building 10

For several years the Trustees have been concerned about the large trees growing across the parking lot in front of Units 37 through 40. The large branches overhang the parking lot and could be hazardous if they break and fall.

We have finally received permission from the Town of South Hadley to remove these branches and any trees that, in their opinion, need to be removed. The Town of South Hadley Tree Warden assessed the area today and agreed to the proposed plan.

The removal of these trees should be done before the end of the year.


Letter to the Hillcrest Park Community

Dear Hillcrest Park Community,

We are writing this letter in regards to an incident that has occurred in recent days involving our neighbors and our personal flower bed spaces behind our units in  Building 3.

Someone has the audacity to remove 2 cement scalloped flower bed borders and replaced them with a while curved ones. Did you think that would go unnoticed? You have taken something that does not belong to you. This is a violation of personal space. This could have happened by day or by night, it is very unsettling to us and has made us all very uncomfortable. By no means should anyone be taking items from decks, patios, garden ares or common areas in the complex. We are saddened by this breach of trust in our community.

Please everyone, if you see something, say something.

Two Unit Owners in Building 3.

December Trustee Meeting Agenda

Hillcrest Park Condominiums

Trustee Meeting

Proposed Agenda – December 16, 2014

1.Acceptance of Minutes of the November 2014 Trustee Meeting.


2. Maintenance


Electrical Repairs – New Spot Light over Shed

Pole Light Problems

Planting new Trees in Complex

Quote on scraping and painting railings

Sump Pump Building 6


3. Office


Letter from D’Ambrosio Brown

Final Budget for Annual Meeting

Preparing for Annual Meeting


4.Other Business


5. Accounts

Checking Account

Cash Account

Capital Reserve Account


The sidewalks have been treated several times over the past week with ice melt and sand due to the snow storm and the upcoming ice/rain mix for today. When the weather clears, Bill will return to clean the sand off the sidewalks.

October Trustee Meeting

The minutes of the October Trustee Meeting have been posted on the Minutes Page.

IceMelt / Sand Containers

Containers with ice melt and sand have been delivered to everyone’s door. Our maintenance crew will be shoveling the walks and steps in the coming snow storms but since ice can form very quickly in the right conditions, this ice melt is for you to use at your discretion if you feel ice has formed on your steps or walks and you need to go outside. If you need a refill, please contact the office and Ricky will refill your container.